Convincing you to convince me

I look to you and I am looking in your eyes, seeing all the pain, seeing all the lies, the thing that you can usually can hide. You have been avoiding me for days now. It hurts that you feel that you need to run away now. But it happened way back then, and I can feeling you pushing, can feel it happening again. You are scared and I am always scaring you away. away.

Is it so bad that you have to constantly fight, just to be okay? I just want you to understand. I would never hurt you ,I would much rather hurt myself. I know it’s hard to believe, because I have been through it myself. Everyone is an enemy and every smile is a threat. When someone beats the shit out of you, it’s hard to forget. But I’ll be here. I always am.

When you are ready we can do this. Let them say what they want because I don’t damn. Boy you know I have waited a forever for you. Haven’t met a man that measures up to even a quarter of you. They don’t make them like you these days. A natural confident swagger that sets fire between my legs. That mysterious sparkle in your eyes.

You are Dangerous and you don’t even bother with a disguise. I Love how reckless you are, every time you push a limit I never know how far. You obliterate Limitations. You take on anything, there is no need for demonstrations. You are all man. All male. Everything about you do, God made you the fire to my hell. I Don’t care let me burn. If there is lesson It is from you that it needs to be learned.

You just are and you don’t need to try. I love you and you need glasses if you ever ask why. You have your guard up and that is okay. Because when I touch you I feel it all fall away. You are cautious and you don’t need to explain. I know the hurt and I know the pain. I am going to take it all away now. Let your pain live in me so you can finally be okay now.

I will say what needs to be said. You are exhausted and my breast were made for your head. So lay down and rest for a couple of years. Sleep away the demons and dream away the fears. I will be there to protect you in your weakest state. I am strong enough for us both to fight fate. So lean on me, I can take you on. I will be here when everyone is gone.

So go on and just be you. Know that I will be here, as long as you need me to.Close your eyes and just let go. You don’t need to speak If it’s in your heart I already know. So hold me here. Give me your lips and let me taste your fear. I have never experienced something so good. I’d have you give me all of you if you could. You are beautiful in all you are.

I stay up to watch you like a astronomer, a dying star. You are so easy to admire. Something filled to the brim with passion and desire. So come one led me your flame. We’ll set the rest of space on fire so we can all Be tame.. What can be more beautiful than this fruitful love? What can be more tragic than denying all that can come?

We have no time here. We have to live it up, I want to make this clear. I want you, nothing more. You don’t have to try, or sheer. You have already captured me whole. Took hold of my heart, them tamed my soul. Hold me and let’s let it go.

We are the present the past has no control. I am all yours, always. All soft sighs, Your touch and okays. Your wish, and I give into your command. So willing, and I cannot withstand. You are, and that is it. I give in, and enjoy every bit.


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