The Truth and Injustice

It is so easy to judge people when you don’t know them. It is so easy to put people in a box and point your finger. It is hard to understand. It is hard to face reality. We are too use to the comfort of being restrained to our own minds. Our own personal dream worlds.

I see people turn their back on the truth because it makes them uncomfortable. I have done it myself. Like seeing the homeless on the streets. I feel guilty and ashamed. Mostly all the illusions of myself are washed away in their presence.

We are all victims of circumstance. I could be that person. Can’t even take a bath because no one believes in me. Not even myself. We have given up.

It is the truth that we give up on each other. It is too hard to face what we do to each other. We hurt each other. Because we want privilege too bad to be fair.

I am amazingly blessed I have food and a home. But if a rich person were to walk into my home they would look down on my humble happiness. They would see all that they have that I don’t. Instead of all that I have that they don’t.

I am not afraid to lose things or to be poor. Because I am poor. Yet deep down that is their greatest fear, loss. My biggest worry is gain.

Will we not honor each other? Will we never shake lose from the chains of gain? This lie that we repeat over and over like a life preserver.

We are not rich. We are not poor. We are the essence of what lies within us. The consciousness that observes the events of our everyday life.

Stripe away the lies. All our possessions. All the excuses we use to distance ourselves from each other. And we are just ourselves.

We aren’t better than one another. We ARE one another. We are the people on the streets. The people getting murdered. The people starving.

And we know it. We look at each other. And we get angry. Afraid. Anxious, Distressed. Sad. Deep down we know what we are doing to ourselves.

The things we do to others we do to ourselves. We are all just afraid. Drowning in the fear we create. Then run way from.

I know I am blessed. I know I should be those people in the streets. I should be starving and dying.

I know they should be me. Eating and sleeping in a warm bed. They shouldn’t have to suffer.

I am overwhelmed by it all.Truly disheartened by the reality of the lies I have been living all my life.

The lies others have fed me. The lies I have nourished myself with.

I am not fortunate.

I am not blessed.

I am out there suffering everyday.

I am not even conscious of it.

I ignore it.

Because I afraid.

I acknowledge it because I deserve to be honored.

All of me that is out there suffering with such injustice.

I am them

They are me.

And for a moment our eyes met.

Ours hearts pause.

And the line is blurry.

And we acknowledge that what is happening is wrong.

What we are doing is wrong.

I am wrong.


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