Evergreen Forest



lost in karma

endless cycles

on and on


a tiring soul

can not stop for anyone

not even for care

am I even here

trees that reach into the sky

straight into infinity

all is possible

these trees are my friends

they comfort me

with their silent resilient song

humming onto eternity

on the shoulders of the wind

they reach into my nose

stroke my mind with the fingertips of their scent

reassuring my lost soul

they understand the sensation of being elderly

the tolerance and patience

their branches outstretch with such tenderness

they understand mortality

and the temperance of youth

their stillness bespeaks their knowledge

I am not a tree

I have no roots

have no certain home

my journey is to grow roots

and I have a long one ahead

in the morning the trees mist over for me

they honor my hard fate

one must suffer to be human

to be alive

and then my whole being calls to them

my family

these cracks in my skin

reveal bark

my hair displays  my leaves

but these feet find no stillness

I don’t have the privilege

my heart evokes my unsteadiness


I would be

to have roots

to know

such a family


ever keen

such meaning

as a tree

I would be

perhaps if I am still enough

give enough good karma

if I am fortunate enough

I will be a tree


in the next life

I will be



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