what is winter?

white truth

sleeping trees

hibernating love

crystal castles

stars touching earth

the place where ending and beginning meet

where miracles touch the earth

and overwhelm all

where silence reigns supreme

where everything is clear

all icy enrapture 

true believers 

pouring evanescence 

exuding nostalgia 

my sweet winter

crisp and wonderful

sourly misunderstood

angelic vigor

sweeping mystery

all shines

like shimmers of water

frozen across secrets

like your eyes

warm but unsettled

shaking up

dazing around

all landscapes of my heart

you settle like winter

upon every surface

making everything yours

with every touch of your alien embrace


a kiss like vastness


and night

my precious winter

bitter sweet

honey and mint

taste like experience

feels like fresh springs

like summer backwards

winter is a dance

sweeping and guiding

passion and grace

hard but necessary

and lovely

just precious

like home

when there is no room to lie



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