Life isn’t biased, it is many things all at once. All coexisting in an array of actions and reactions that intermingles into a determination of cause and effect that affects us all. In obscure details so minuscule that in a certain perception they hardly exist at all.

so yes I suppose in a certain aspect you can say life is good or bad but it would all be limited to your perception. So in a way life is whatever you want it be since it is all things at once.
Life is full of choices and actions. So one should choose meticulously. After all life it what you choose to perceive it as. Or more accurately it is what you limit yourself to believe it is. As long as there is good, there is bad.
That can either be a negative or positive thing. At the end of the day perception is everything. The end and beginning of our reality. Yet, it has no true effect on life.

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