Just Be Free

As a person I have never been conscious of my sexuality unless some one else mentions it. I have never felt like a women or man. I just always was. Am. Are. I am just a being. Sometimes I feel different things. I don’t think what I do and feel should be put in a category.

I can’t stand categories. I just don’t like limits. I think is unfair to limit things by trying to describe them.Trying to shrink them down to our perception and understanding. Which within itself is very limited.

I believe in just being what ever is natural. What ever you are. You are. I don’t know what I am. I just know that I am. I think that is all that matters. Being who you are.

Describe and limit yourself and be what ever you want to be. That is your choice and what you feel. Just don’t be ignorant and try to force others to fit into your reality. Because they aren’t you.

You are you and that is all you are responsible for. That is all you have the right to be responsible for. True freedom is making peace with the way things are. Just understanding and accepting the essence of everything.


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