Watchmen (Dr. Manhattan)

I remember watching Watchmen my freshman year. You know how you watch a movie and immediately know which character you would be by their actions. I knew I was Dr. Manhattan. They say we with fall in love with things that are a reflection of us. I remember watching that movie over and over. I fell so in love with his character.

There was one quote that he said that broke down everything I felt at that prime young age. “I am tired of this world, these people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.” It still resonates at times. Whenever I disconnect from life and especially these people who think they are life. Sometimes I just can’t connect to the chaos in others.

Sometimes I think why bother. At times there is so much destruction in being connected to others. There can be alot of healing. What I have learned the most from Dr.Manhattans character is we are all victims of circumstance. It is what we choose to make of those circumstances that defines us. We are what we choose to be.

I am not going to give up finding beautiful people. Other people might let their fear rule them. I choose to be disciplined and valiant. Most of all I choose to be me in the most fearless of ways. I will not be affected by the negativity of others.

Sometimes you just have to forgive people. Because we are all lost and most of us don’t know what we are doing.You have to forgive them so you can let go of the power and the hold they have over you. I think the final most important lesson of what I found of myself in Dr. Manhattan is that we have to learn to let go.

We have no control. Control is a delusion much like time. We have to forgive ourselves. Forgive the fact that we do the best that we can and that who we are is nothing to apologize for. Forgive the parts in us that yearn for perfection in things that are made perfect by their faults. We are only living organisms.


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