Riddick “Franchise”

I am disappointed in peoples stereotypical opinions of Riddick to say the least. It is sickeningly predictable to see either the defensive super feminist comments. Or comments about film budget and quality or plots. It being too predictable Or not enough action. First of all you fuckers in my opinion if you haven’t seen the video games,  the movies Pitch Black, Dark Fury, and The Chronicles you shouldn’t even be commenting on the new Riddick. Because you obviously don’t understand his character and why each detail makes such sense. Why they do everything the way they do it. First of all Santana represents the merc culture and the fact that when it comes to mercs there is a huge sex slave culture with not just females but males as well. It is hinted at that Riddick himself was slaved out and raped. Which would explain his huge empathy for women through out the entire series. That is why you see such immense pain is his eyes when Santana shoots down the slave girl. That and she reminds him alot of kyra who was slaved out by mercs and it was like living out kyra’s death all over again. I personally was bothered by Santana being a bit unnecessarily misogynistic. Though I don’t see Riddicks “Balls deep” comment as surprising considered  he is always tongue in cheek and jokingly sassy in undertone when it comes to the women. Just being playful. Which he isn’t when it comes to men. Though I see how it can be misconstrued or take with offense  When it comes to the whole women in the bed scene I think it expresses Riddicks respect for women because even the ones he desire and sleep with are a threat. In that sense they are held fairly to him. I also think that alot of the Riddick culture hints at our modern culture. The fact that there is still such a big rape culture in our modern society. And there is still alot of human trafficking of women and males to Mexico and other places. When it comes to Dahl. It is rather obvious that the Dahl is her own women. Riddick respects strong women which has been made obvious. Riddick never forces her to do anything. Dahl is clearly hinted at being lesbian. At the end of the film where it is hinted that she and  Riddick sleep together. Riddick never sexualizes her and only touches after her expressed permission. The Riddick series never limits the sexuality of the people in the series. It is hinted at that Riddick is gay though I doubt it. It is also hinted various time of gay characters. I think simply Riddick was the exception to Dahl if they did sleep together which is likely. As a pansexual I think if a women sleeps with a man it doesn’t make her any less of a lesbian. You can’t help who you are attracted to. I have seen numerous comments discrediting Dahl as a sincere lesbian because of her attraction to Riddick. Which I find hypocritical of the “gay” community since they so commonly use the term. “You can’t help who you love.” Doesn’t that apply to Dahl? Dahl is her own character and person. I think it is so close minded to apply our beliefs and to put restraints on characters because they don’t follow our beliefs. Isn’t the point of art, film, and characters in general is to keep an open mind and to show us there own world? It saddens me that people degrade this series and don’t try to look deeper and try to get in the head of the characters. As a female I have never experienced the Riddick series as sexist. It is actually one of my favorites for Riddick’s respect and empowerment of women. I personally don’t think Vin would involve himself in a sexist movie. I have never seen Vin in a sexist movie. Sometimes they have strong sexual tones like in the fast and furious franchise. Yes there are alot of sexual innuendos towards women but there are alot of juicy sexual moments for men as well. So with that I would like to say stop projecting your insecurities on characters. Respect the characters and give them room to be themselves. You are sucking the life out of them and discrediting that art work. Riddick had it all, action, depth, emotion, and an incredible plot all build out of shitty budgets. Which the company has done wonders with. I as a true scifi fan and in love with Riddick look forward to the next one. RIddick five. Til next time.


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