My Perfect Type

My perfect type of guy if I ever have a  type. Would be tall with very long hair. Very funny and essentially happy. Because fuck I don’t know how to be. He would be my missing pieces and all the things I am too afraid to be. Stable. Certain. Strong, Fucking built like a God. Unpredictable. Interesting.  intuitive. Because there are time I really wish some one else would take control. I just get so lost and uncertain and fuck it just afraid. Sometimes I need someone else to take over. But I have never had anyone capable of that so I always turn into the asshole version or me that I wish I was. He would definitely be a Sir, Dom, Daddy. He could be any one he wants as long as he is mine. I am really not that picky and the above traits are not essential. But they would be more than appreciated. Not that it matters because I have never even dated anyone. So what do I know about what I want or need? And whether I will meet my perfect guy is up to the Creator. Because I could just as soon kill over and die. 

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