and I could journey into your spine

and forever

taste like the impossible

but looks incredible

its not real

just a tangible dream

so intoxicating

and your lies

are real to you

but are just beautiful

and false to me

I want for you

to have everything

even your lies

why shouldn’t you have it all

in my mind

I know the truth

so if you ever wake up

I will be here

resting in your spine

like the essence of life

but you grew up

and you don’t believe

in the little boy

who could surpass any dream

you don’t believe

that you can fly

without wings

and fairyland to you

is just a place of men in love

not a place of wonderment

or possibilities

of little people

doing impossibly big things

you don’t believe in small people

but small people believe in you

I pray to your star

with all of my heart of wishes

come to

come to

come forth


like a dust filled child

come back to us

oh Pan


your eyes are wide

and so blue

as possible

as endless

as the enduring sky

you cry so trapped in your flesh

scared and trembling

your shadow roams free

how could have you lost it?

you have become so far gone

and I can’t give up on you

or me

to leave

to surrender

to become atheistic

and say goodbye

would be to forget my soul

no goodbyes

to say goodbye

means to forget

you are unforgettable

etched into my essence


I ponder upon you

second star to the left

and straight onto morning

into the sun rise

will you rise?

I am waiting


like the ticking of your heart

pumping the time away

you my dear

never grow old in this

my love for you


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