Once upon a time

The greatest aspirations

with gardens to be made

love tried and lost

whilst my bones are laid

the diamond lays amongst the stars

a map of buried treasure

hidden in the trail of scars

my eye fails upon you

in this lasting I mewl

what crisp sweet water

does thirsty love sate

rest these trembling eyes

and tempt fate

would I not become death

would my golden skin

not compliment it’s kiss

and my chest not flatter

with the stillest breath

I fade onto the coming wind

it’s fetching caress a mercy upon me

if I remain stagnant

will I not be swept up and carried away

to the farthest places

puzzled upon every journey

bestowed upon all of life’s endless mazes

the wind graces every secret

and like air I would know all

become all

end and begin again


silence is harrowing

it airs it’s song with such elegance

such an enigma that drifts through me

irresistible and encompassing



oh how now the rich colors

strewn across the immensity

poetry is it’s tender dance

such endearing chaos

like fingertips invading upon ones senses


really lovely


skin upon you

art upon me

wonder much like a freshness

curiosity a rebirth

surely upon this moment

there is everlasting possibility

impossibly doomed

such beautiful calamity

I am awestruck

I feel human

almost alive


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