moments suspended


we choose to end it


our actions

speak louder than our voices

I wish I could unlearn the lies

all the doubt behind my eyes

but my eyes are opened wide

and you can’t hide

the shadows are only illusions

beautiful mysteries

created by our delusions

the truth 

the light

the answers

we keep out of sight

they are echoes

these thoughts in the background

our conscious knows

every second we are reborn

and every second we have a choice

to be redeemed from the forlorn

to accept and rejoice

the more I know

the more I don’t

I need to let go

but I am afraid I won’t

this war isn’t with me

it is with everything I was brainwashed to be

I don’t want any of it

it doesn’t mean a thing

as long as the candle is lit

I will find love can bring

as long as I remember the light

out of darkness I will do what is right

nothing but good vibes

living good lives



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