my breast are hot and heavy

with the ghost of your touch


it has become too much

my heart is pounding

just from your breath

I am trembling

fighting with nothing left

I need you to want me

but you can’t touch

you make me happy

feelings and such

but your skin on my skin

is heaven and havoc, within

I am shaking

my sanity quaking

I don’t know why I am so afraid

people break things

in love with things they hate

I don’t know what to make

of your fingers outstretched

reach for my heart

pining for my chest

what if I told you

I am so skittish

would you hesitate

or force to the finish

all that I am

in my experience

I know that I can

just no will for perseverance

you say let go

let me take control

do you even how to

without destroying my soul

words are easy

good intentions are easier

but experience is a different matter

do you know what it is like to be shaken

or worse to be shattered

will you go through all extremes

to save me from you

or even me from me

talk is cheap because it is free

actions we keep because we pay

we feel the weight in every way

you say, why are you so stuck up

so locked down

why are people so corrupt

why do feet touch the ground

you don’t know what it’s like

til you feel the bite of the spike

pick your poison

I’ll hold you against your will

when your naivety is broken

then you will have glimpse of what I feel

I am fighting to live

struggling to forget

to let go and forgive

without the hold of regret

you may not think so

but I know what is best

it is easy to go

when you don’t know the rest

so carry on with caution

warning, all structures are unstable

I will be better

with or without you

because I am willing and able.


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