To people I am either smart or not as smart as them. I have my own agenda. I am not smart and I am not stupid. I am perfectly me. As in there isn’t a description for my brain or my capabilities. We all have the brains capabilities to be smart. Most of our brains are the same unless you have a mental illness or deformity. We all have the capability to be brilliant at something. Some people say I ¬†am smart. I am also really immature. Along with the fact that I excelled at everything but math. I learned though that you don’t have to understand math, you just have to solve proofs kind of like a puzzle but you can break down and understand a puzzle. I never could excel at math because I didn’t favor the fact I couldn’t break it down and understand it. I love to understand things. I just never felt like I was doing math justice if I couldn’t understand it. Once I started just doing the proofs math became easier. But for some people math is a language they can add and create anything in. Like music and words are my magic. Math is theirs. Anything is possible. I never had the patience for math. But there are people who love it. We are all different. To a math person, I am lacking. To an artistic person, I am brilliant. To me, I am just me. I don’t know what makes me special. I just know that within the limits of my mind, I shine. Though I try to go beyond my limits as often as possible.


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