I believe in mermaids

I believe there are people who go into the sea

and never come out

they get lost in the vastness

drowning feels safer 

than a human death

they rather swim

then hold their breath

a dangerous lover is their mistress

so much good

with just as much distress

a pirates life for me

rather walk the plank

than live on my knees

the enchantress has me

I am with the fishes, savvy?

the deeper I go

the deeper I sink

I have seen it all

but nothing like the ocean’s mystery

the more I look

the more I feel

back and forth

flow and spill

oh I feel alive

like I can die

and no place is better

than this water and I

and when I am still

the lower I fall

the more I feel

all the life around me

and silence hums


all it becomes

I see everything

I see everything

I let the water sing

and I see everything


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