Forget you

I searched for you over and over again.

I looked, wandered all the way down to the

Octopus’s garden.

 I hoped, I prayed

I begged. I pleaded

But words are useless

When there is no one to hear them

I closed my eyes and tried to breath your air

I reached my arms out but my fingertips felt no one there

The tree branches whisper to me

The wind dances around me

And all along I felt you here

The place where you disappeared

Kiss me softly so I weep


Kiss me so there are no words to left to speak

I know this is all an illusion

But this is all I have left

I don’t want to suffer

So I pretend to hear your breath

Your skin as soft as Egyptian cotton

The satin feel of your hair

Your liar eyes

Your taste is despair

I know I’ll see you again

But death is so long a wait

So I dream, dream, fantasize

For the day death seals my fate

Yes, I love living

Yes, I love smiling

Yes, I love dreaming

But it is so hard to do

Especially when it’s not with you

So I forget the octopus’s garden.

Forget the snails and the magnolias too

Forget the sky and the clouds

But I’ll never forget you


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