why must there be more to this?

skin amongst skin?

Flesh amongst flesh?

There will never be more than this

There never was more than this

What is a passion by anothers flesh as sweet?

Is love any different?

Love does it change? 

No. it fades

It grow strong

but never changes

the same as it ever was the same

love will always be love

Whether love be that named Gay

be that named Lesbain

be that named straight

be that named  Incest

be that named Bisexual

Be that named biracial

Flesh is flesh

It rots

It whithers

and along with it your thoughts

your hatred

your cruelity

so if you fade

why is it so hard to love?

To love all as all?

Love is all

You woll never be here again

In this moment

In this place

Give away

Flesh is beautiful in it’s faults

Let beauty flourish

Everything perishes

Enjoy the beauty surrounding

Amongst you

Your thoughts are unimportant

You are unimportant

but love


it last Forever

It is important

flesh is flesh

Flesh is beauty

Beauty s love

and you are dead

Rotted flesh 


and all you ever were

was Ugly

was Rotted flesh


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