I want tattoos.

I want to dig into my flesh with ink

Fill the meat with permanent remembering

pretty things on my skin

reflecting upon the secrets within

capturing moments untold

gripping for things I can’t hold

I want these stories to last forever

as if that will somehow make it better

I want to reach out

make them real

touch illusions

embrace what I feel

I am afraid to be bare

terrified that there is really nothing there

pretty tattoos to fill myself

pretty tattoos to fill whats within

pretty tattoos

for pretty fools

like me

beautiful purpose

for the beautifully worthless

parading around

like a freak in a circus

they come to watch 

they come to see

gather around

to get to know me

tattoos tell the truth

Love life

and revel in youth

these pictures on my flesh

oh how could I ever forget?

the art on this body

you remembered

I guess you never really forgot me

or these tattoos

they tell a story

they speak to you








  1. thejerseygal®™ · February 15, 2014

    Me too. I have 2. Want more.

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