I cling to you

I wanted to shut my eyes and cling to the quiet in you.

oh how safe I felt

being away from you felt disturbing and broken

I could curl up inside your understanding and acceptance

and be born over and over again peacefully

and this could be life

over and over again

diminish in you

flourish in you

living in you

and becoming more of me

all else seems alien

evermore your touch

evermore your grace

evermore your insight

evermore for me

you blossom and open

hungry like flowers in spring

Oh delirium

precious happening

I kissed you

you tasted of birth

watery and intense


you were warm

anything was possible

then hope

you bit into me

and sighed



honeyed fawn

and your blood is ripe 

berried and salt

I tasted of steaming death

and you were so hungry

so greedy

so sated

have it all

dine on my bones

savor my flesh

sip on my blood

when you swallow 

I will curl up inside you


and comforted

I was a appetizing meal

It was a just death

and you will purr

your toes will curl

your eyes will sink

and flicker will slumbers beckoning

your body with slacken 

grow limp with weariness

you will relaxed

your brain will quiet

I understand

I accept

you think one be

trying to grasp with greed

nostalgic for the hearty meal again

cling to you




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