Forgive for the truth

Let me sing you a song

in the morning you are gone

you were gone all along

I tremble for you

shaking in this meaty chamber

I was a ghost with you

I was free

and scared

and alive

and had me

trapped in your life

I thought I was dead with you

that anything goes

I thought I was there with you

but nobody knows

you love your secrets

even from me

and love them too

so much

and so blinding

I should have known

I just can’t go

I haunt these moment over and over

looking for a do over

I wasn’t free

you entrapped me

stay here

you’ll see

the memories cling to the walls

stalking me

you just escaped

with emotions you raped

you got away with murder

you got away with sin

I should have shut the door

never let you in

but I will forgive your song

and perhaps it was I using you

all along

music has always been my calling

beckoning like a siren

and just as enthralling

yes, perhaps I did myself in

and in the end I got what I want

no, we don’t win

we are just going

with the best that we have

always knowing

the truth will come last

when it is not too late

just in the past


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