The Divine Proportion

Sometimes I think I am just a vessel. That everything is interconnected. Every thought and action. That there are no accidents. Why would life be that like? To what purpose? How would our practices be of any significance? I have seen the effects of this and studied when they do happen. I just can’t comprehend to what ends would all of our decisions and actions lead to.

When they happen to me, it is profound recognizing the pattern. Acknowledging for myself that my thoughts are not entirely my own. It makes me wonder who is at the other end of things. Are they as fascinated by every single thought we have, like I am by a single thought I have? Does it marvel at it’s thoughts circulating is our minds?

Does it get as excited when they experience the thoughts coming together like a mystical puzzle? Do they get a sense of awe at the clarity? It marvels me all that I am missing. It marvels me that I might not notice when it does come together, since it is all I obsess about now. The coming together of all. I am rather fond of that word, together. We are in-sync and do not even take the time to realize it.


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