I feel nostalgia for people long past dead

These people I have never even met

I wish I could reach through time

I’d meet your mind

and you’d meet mine

We would be enthralled

and time would not be time

I would not be alone

we would fit

I know you only through your thoughts

And even to me my perception might be flawed

In your quotes I am awed

I don’t want to stay here

I want to be with you

A meeting of souls

across time

soul mates

A kindling of brilliance

I can only understand the dead

I can only relate to them

The ones who have already met the end

It’s hard to be alive

and be so in love with the past

especially since the present is all I have

but I can feel the whispers of you in the world

you were here

and that makes me feel less alone

yet even more far from the others

knowing that you were true

and that my heart has a beat much like you

that we were something like the same

I was just too late when I came






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