Sometimes at random moments when people walk past me I take a deep breath to see if I can capture their scent on the wind. I think upon what their scent means. Whether it is good or bad. What their scents says about them. I personally can’t bare to smell bad. I put on extra deodorant and spray a bit extra body spray to last me. I rather smell too good than rotten.

I am very careful about myself. I can’t even bare to stink around myself and I wonder what that says about me. Most likely that I am insecure and not comfortable with my body. Or maybe I like the smell of beautiful things. I like to randomly grab my hair and smell the repugnant smell of perfume still stuck in my hair. Or when it is windy smell the inspiration of body spray and think on how I forgotten how delicious I smell.

When I remember how good I smell at times it makes me feel really good about myself especially when I am being mean to myself. What a person smells like says something to me because if they purchase a scent to wear it remarks on their preference. Sweet, strong, musky, sultry, sophisticated, clean, fresh, or flowery. It shows me how they want to be perceived. How they see themselves. What they are attracted to.

If they don’t purchase scents that tells me about them as well. Their scent will tell me their lifestyle. The way they eat and their fitness. How they take care of themselves. Their personalities and characteristics. Some people naturally smell sweeter than others. While others smell more musky. It can also tell me alot of their culture and upbringing. 

I like to get to know random people without all the words. Without either party feeling obligated to fill the empty spaces. Without someone trying to persuade and sell me on a thought. Sometimes I just like knowing strangers for their raw essence. Without all the other complications. Like we are two animals strange to each other. Smell is the only thing to depend on. With nothing else to utilize but intuition and instinct. 

Then I like to go about my day like nothing ever happened. Like what ever I found out about the other person doesn’t even matter. Because it doesn’t.



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