True Friends

I see your name everywhere and it irritates me because I miss you. I miss laughing with you. I miss that warm kinda of intimate trust. That anticipation of having you around. I felt we could of been so much more than we were. Really great friends but more than that, family. But you just were too afraid. Another person lost to fear.

You never even said sorry for just dropping me like that. You treated me like a stranger, like I wasn’t much more than a thorn in your side. I always honored you, I guess I thought I deserved the same. You pretend like everything is okay, but it is not. You broke that trust in me regarding you. You never tried to earn it back. And you never said sorry.

Your actions show what I truly am to you. Just another person laughing at your jokes. You treat yourself like a joke. I am disappointed in you. You were worth so much more than that to me. Than the way you treated me and the way you treat yourself. You deserve what ever comes to you. Good, so much good and bad. You were never a true friend. You say we are, but let’s just be honest I am your true friend not the other way around.


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