Stop lying

I am too intimidating, reminding you of everything you are compensating, Too afraid so you run and pretend it’s liberating, who are you fooling in that brain with the excuses you’ve been making. You say I am the problem, well, you’re the genius and you can’t seem to solve me. You say you feel bad, but you never say sorry. These lies are meaningless, even to you. When you are alone they start to slip through. What did you expect for me to hold my breath? I was fourteen when I realized I had nothing left. Nothing belongs to me, so why try? Why heave it up and try to lock it inside? When it is all going to leave anyway. I rather acknowledge I have nothing. Before these expectations turn into disappointments of something. You can’t stand what I’ve become. Well, maybe it’s you that has changed. You admire my attention and say you want some. I think you’re so confused and deranged. You can’t look at your self. Can’t stand the color of your skin. Tell me I can be anyone else. That I should change and be thin. For what, so I can be small like you? I know I am worth more, I know I am big. You realized you’re lost and don’t know what to do. You shake your head, and light a cig. You always loved suffering. I loved watching you in all the fear and tussling. You make it harder than it is. You could never just relax and live.  Maybe it’s because I am lazy, but to me it never made sense. You always liked to hard work, you never knew how to rest. I will admit struggling is what you do best. You have made negativity an art. I always knew you were pretty. So let’s be honest you have no use for what’s smart. Bury yourself in your own delusions. Just don’t expect anymore of my intrusions. I won’t watch anymore, be an accomplice to the crime. They ask me if I miss the real you, I say all the time.


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