Lies we tell ourselves to live

People only want you to live so you can live the way they want you to live. So they have someone else to be miserable with. So you can entertain them, because they are just as bored and won’t admit it. They only want to live because they are so afraid to die. So afraid of change.

So you can just be another stock in the market. So they can make more money off of you and live off of you. Why else would they want you to live? What other reason than they are selfish? Life isn’t interesting unless you are watching someone else live it. Or you are risking your life to live it.

Other than that without art life is just this never ending cycle of trying to continue a species and an earth that is eventually going to die with all of it’s counter parts. Only for it’s death to create something else to live and so on and so forth. They say wanting to die is insanity but eternity sounds just as insane.


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