Why do people make a womans bleeding out to be a punishment instead of a superpower? Isn’t anything possible anymore? I mean, we can withstand normal amount of pain. It takes a man to do it. Still it takes a women to achieve it. I think it might be jealousy. Pure envy. That a man can not do it himself. Bare it himself. Take something from himself and create. But he is mistaken. He can create. There is no need for jealousy. We each have our miracles. If a woman can honor a man for his abilities, why can’t men honor us? Why must everything be about strength and power? What are these things to honor and respect? I bow my head in disheartenment. That my visions are limited to my own mind. WE ARE THE SAME. WE ARE ALL MIRACLES. This is my disimpassioned sadness and disenchanted depression.


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