Keeping score

I have seen circumstance scribbled in my skin

I have seen their eyes write stories for us

I have seen the chains they have bound us in before we could walk

Such high hopes for their own reflections

who even has originality anymore

when does life ever have any possibility?

It’s hard enough finding yourself in your own skin

we won’t mention trying to search through the maze of self portraits portrayed by our parents and loved ones

the rules are laid out

it is as simple as balancing the tight rope

But I have vertigo 

I don’t have the the sense of limitation

I was busy finding my skin when they told me to find their expectations.

How can I reach in when I am without?

I knew my own mind was my own responsibility

but no one told me coming in that I would be responsible for others as well.

that I would have to piece together through the insanity of others

How can I win?

I was doomed form the start 

unless I can free my back from these heavy weight that persist to drown me inch by inch

They teach use but don’t not bother to learn themselves

in what world do you continue to do the same thing

and expect different results?

I know I am uncertain, unafraid, and untamed.

I know that this game is rigged 

but for who?

The sheep?

I was never a sheep

and my coat has always been my own

so where do I fit

or do I fall out?

Do I just go my own way?

because I am weary

and would go peacefully.







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