You don’t know. You have never felt the creeping of your skin. The ickiness of being inside it. The fear and shame of it. The shiver of the crawling upon you when you say NO. And they hear yes. The pricking on your flesh of sheer disgust. The rape of dignity. The absolute loss of respect. But most of all the seeing and experiencing yourself disappear right before your very eyes. Who you are. What you choose. What you thought you meant and stood for. Your respect. It means nothing to these people. What is worse is, you can’t just fly up out of your body, you have to experience it. This is what you are to them. How they see you. Exactly how you feel is what you are to them. They don’t care, because you are just a women. Just a women, and how dare you feel anything but what they want you to do and feel. This is reality. I have felt this reality. This brain washing. It came upon me at quite the young age. For quite a long time I was use to it. Til I found myself and my worth. And I knew, when I looked in the mirror and really saw myself. That something was stolen from me. Something that should have been mine. Something I seen in others that I thought was forbidden. I had been robbed and no one ever noticed or even defended me. These men walked around strutting in my stolen respect and honor. Just like it belonged to them. And this is my injustice. An injustice I made just on my own. When I decided not to be a victim. But to be a women. To be a standard. To be a Goddess. To be my birth right. And what they stole wasn’t really stolen. I found everything they did not see or believe in myself. And pity them. That they must lower others to build themselves. But they will they are still low because they didn’t take anything from me. I win. And I am beautiful. Most of all though, I am a women. 


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