Inspired by the rapture of Kaitti’s beauty

Kaitti, whose skin is the light of the moon and hair the shadows of the sea. Oh, but her heart. Her heart is the earth and it’s precious tears as it falls amongst the evergreen. Ancient and refreshing. My lolita you sing my soul with silent resonance. Quake my heart with a fierceness untame. A secret garden unkempt. A mysterious nature unbeknownst. I am stricken and enraptured with bewilderment. A twin of my heart. Oh, doppelganger of my mind. How you hide in the open. Honest and terribly wonderful. Unapologetic and wide eyed. How you tremble in your pretty skin as if it is an alien suit. And shake your thoughts like they betray you. So curious you are. You cling to imagination so firmly some would call it a fey-like tragedy. Youth becomes you. Like flowers to Spring. I am your remnant. Dead leaves in Autumn. Oh, but some say our colors resonate. I will always see you as the stars. Honor you like the air. How perfect. How mystifying. How just. How magnificent. Now I wander onto your eyes like they are a looking glass or a painted message against a canvas. What do these colors say? Blended and mastered in a astounding array. Each movement and motion is made like a willowing ballerina at the crux of a temperamental sensitive sonata.  Each whisper a quiet cry of an opera’s kiss. Shattering. Capturing, Beholding. Fly to the web. Spider to the fly. Such normal chaos. Such an enchanting pandemonium. This labyrinth is rapture. Her laugh is delight and beatitude. Her sireny lagoon is paradise. This is the torture worthy of gods. Fruit like ambrosia in appetite less crowds. I am lost. This must be Icarus and the sun. Wings but not enough for fun.


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