I am a nuisance

I am always in the way 

how I dare I bother others

like my existence is okay

can you shut the fuck up

what the fuck did you say?

I don’t know what

I just want to go away

put me in an asylum

or just wipe me out

take all these problems and hide them

these silent anxieties shout

I am a bother

or I just don’t count

these problems find each other

their too stressful to spread the amount

shut me down

shut me off

I ignore myself

and wait to feel

I need help

this is too real

its white ribbons

white velvet

white cloud

white melted

into my skin

White lifeless

floating away

into the abyss

I can fix this!

no, this is helpless.

I will just pretend

sit quiet

this is the end

lay silent

I am not for everyone

I am not for anyone.

I am an obscurity

I am a poisonous impurity

and these are just feelings

but they feel so real to me


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