I want to curl into a ball and fade

these pieces will chip away

like the bricks of ancient cities

and like the dust from stars that created me

into dust will be the end

I will go in silent solace

with a quiet graciousness

and gratefulness for God and the Creator

Who was thoughtful enough to create an end

To be able to spirit afar
my essence

into another energy

I am not a total waste

I am not useless

or less profound

if something is more profound

with the parts of me that didn’t fit

how can I be whole with all these energies conflicting

all these contradictions were not made for one being

oh how divine it seems to be undone

completely unraveled

and it is with a singing whisper

that it touches my skin

with marveling goosebumps

how can I even begin to understand

or want to?

oh I submit.

I sink for it

just loosen and come freely

anything for peace


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