You said with conviction
what I never could
how you shouldn’t kill yourself
and how you never would
I guess your monster is different from mine
but let just face it they’re both the killing kind

you can sit there and look smug

with all your lies and secrets you swept under the rug

i am not convinced

you give yourself away

with a tiny wince

and all the words you can never say

your conscious is guilty

and your morals are filthy

we are both stuck in this rut

staring at each other

and how deep we cut

trying to snip away all the issues

coming up with blood and tissues

at this rate we won’t get far

at this rate I am just another star

made up of ancient dust

choking on the facts and the smell of rust

what compels us to be undone

it is our nature compelling outrun?

all we have is what is now

carpe diem like we know how

you have to learn on your own

cause sooner or later you are left alone

better to hone your skills

spending all your time on cheap thrills

like we don’t all know how it feels

I guess you are just another spin at the wheels


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